earnEASE LLC, Launched in 2006, is a privately held technology services company located in sunny Southern California. LearnEASE works closely with small to medium businesses to learn their operations end-to-end and help streamline and scale using cutting-edge yet well vetted technology and innovative process methodologies. With LearnEASE, you gain access to our highly skilled, professional on-demand team. We care about your growth and success and work to increase efficiency and save you money.

Our Team
Christopher R. Harvey

photoChris is the mastermind behind all our technology. Intellectual and extremely tech savvy, Chris has over 25 year in the tech industry. From engineering software & hardware solutions, developing Business Intelligence platforms to building world-class engineering teams, Chris is well experienced with a highly diverse background in both business and technology.

An early adopter, innovator and all around fun guy, don’t let his deep voice and serious demeanor intimidate you. He also loves coaching his son’s baseball team, listening to all kinds of music from rock to classical and watching Sci-fi movies with his wife.

Diahana L. Barnes
President & Founder LearnEASE

photo Energetic and passionate, Diahana helps others succeed with her results oriented focus and strong sales and training background. With over 15 years in the tech and insurance industries she also has a Master’s degree in Organization Management & Development. As a thought leader and visionary, Diahana is incredibly talented at driving strategy and developing resources, executing, and measuring the business impact.

Diahana’s high energy and enthusiasm inspires everyone around her and sometimes drives people crazy; especially when she’s had too much coffee. Besides coffee, she is addicted to her iPad, loves to read, and thinks there is nothing better than a day at the beach with her family.